Yoga Healing & Relaxation Workout- PM: Jane Fonda

Yoga Healing & Relaxation Workout- PM with Jane Fonda is a calming, 14-minute evening Yoga relaxation routine that was created to guide you through a practice to bring your day to a close by stretching your muscles and releasing any stress or tension that you may have accumulated throughout the day. Improve posture and reduce cortisol levels with Legendary Celebrity Fitness Expert, Jane Fonda as she takes you on a restorative journey that will quiet the mind, boost the spirit, and relax the body to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Find your Yoga breath as you learn a slow and rhythmic breathing technique called “Ujjayi breathing” that will restore balance and connect you with your inner peace to promote both mental and physical health. Stretch all of the muscles of the body, stabilize your spine and heal the body to help you wind down and prepare for sleep. Meditate with one of the best in the business as you learn the secrets to staying healthy and vibrant, no matter how stressful life can get. Take this effective practice from Jane’s Popular “”AM/PM Yoga for Beginners” fitness DVD with you anywhere as you need only a Yoga mat to complete it, and it is perfect for all fitness levels. Relax, recharge, and let go of anxiety right from your own home. Transform yourself with Jane Fonda on the BeFiT Channel. Tune in every weekday for newly-added FREE workouts. Click here for more Yoga Workouts:

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