Tips for Applying Eyeshadow : Using Dark Colors on Eyes : Eyeshadow Tips

Tips for Applying Eyeshadow : Using Dark Colors on Eyes : Eyeshadow Tips

Learn how to use and apply dark colors to eyelids, in this free video.

Expert: modelrob
Bio: Yvette Parrish, make up artist to the stars, shows you how to apply makeup professionally.
Filmmaker: Robin Morriss
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3 Eyeshadow Sticks You Have To Try This Monsoon | Makeup Tips

Eyeshadow has been everyone’s go to makeup product to create sultry mesmerising eye makeup looks on all special occasions. But with basic powdered eyeshadows, comes the trouble of them having to crease, applying primers, blending them well, a whole variety of brushes to apply them with which we’d rather let the pros take care of. 

Here, comes the revolutionary Eyeshadow Sticks that combat all these problems as they work exceptionally well for all and what makes them even better is that there’s always one to fit all our budgets. 

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Products mentioned in the video:
Faces Ultime Pro Eyeshadow Crayon in the shade ‘Staying Alive’ :Rs.599
Chambor Orosa Sculpting Eyeshadow in the shade ‘Honey Gold’: Rs. 795.
Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow Stick in the shade ‘Violet Plum’: Rs.2800.

I’m wearing the MAC Tailored to Tease Liquid Lipstick. 

Anokhee Oza

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