Soda Clothing Co. Ad 1

Soda Clothing Co. Ad 1SODA Clothing Co. offers high quality streetwear for ladies and gentlemen who are raising the bar with unparalleled style, character and confidence. More than just fashion, SODA Clothing honors those who own themselves, their dreams, and ultimately their own success. Remaining true to the concept that Sometimes Our Dreams Align, SODA was inspired by the city of Columbia, SC.

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Family Soda Taste Test at Pops in Oklahoma

Family Soda Taste Test at Pops in OklahomaWe visited Pops, where they have over 700 kinds of soda! We let the kids pick a variety of flavors for us to try as a family–everything from chocolate soda to apple pie to disgusting Harry Potter type flavors! Everyone got a small sample from the ones we bought. We saw the world’s largest soda bottle & Michael’s bee friend even paid us a visit 🙂 Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to give us a

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