Straightening My Hair: My tips + Techniques!

Straightening My Hair:  My tips + Techniques!

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Permanent Hair Straightening at home with all natural ingredients | Silk & shine
Firs thing i want to say,that This method may take some time but belive me people tried this and achived the good results.

You can do this twice in a week.

For best results-
-Appy this mask on your hair.
-Wear a shower cap or a polybag.
-Dip a small towel into Warm water.
-Squeeze out the extra water.
-now cover your hair and shower cap with this towel.
-To lock the steam cover the towel with an another poly bag or a shower cap.
-Keep this for 1-2 hours .
-Then wash off your hair with luke warm water.
-After this you can shampoo your hair.
-You can use any good mild shampoo.

This is the best way to get straight hair permanently without using any harsh chemicals on your hair.

How to make coconut milk a thome?

Many of us relay on artificial methods such as hair styling and expensive chemical products to get that steak and straight hair. Such treatment usually damage the hair structure and lead to hair loss, split ends and itchy scalp.
Further using such treatments often makes the hair dry, frizzy and dull in appearance but hair straightening does not have to be a harsh process for your hair. There are some easy natural home remedies for permanent hair straightening.
Excessive exposure to heat can damage the hair therefore minimize the use of blow driers and other hair straightening devices, Also do not tie your hair for a very long period of time as this will create a twist in your hair and effect the straight look. Let’s see how you can make this at home and get straighter, healthier and shinier hair.

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