Running Workout: for Track & Field + Speed Football Drill for Six Pac abs

This is the best workouts to get Six Pac Abs at the Culver City Stairs. I show you guys a Track and Field workout and Adrian shows you guys a Football workout. I will be making more workout videos! This one is just to show the type of workout you should do if you want a six pac or if you want to get better for Track or Football. – (NEW!) How to run a faster 800m dash:
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Notice how I’m talking about getting a six pac but I didn’t even do Abs in this video. This is because most people have the Ab muscles for a six pac, but have too high of a body fat percentage that the abs won’t show. That is the main reason why i’m trying to get you guys to do running workouts. That is the best way to lower your body fat percentage so that your abdominal muscles will show.

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If you want to request a particular work out, let me know in the comments.
– (NEW) How To Run a Faster Mile:
Tennis court Hurdle FaiL Video:
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