Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence [Official Music Video]

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Directed by Matt Mahurin

New Album “Immortalized” Out Now!

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Disturbed – The Sound of Silence [Official Music Video] Cover

Gears of War 4 Trailer Song
Nyle DiMarco Peta Murgatroyd Dancing With The Stars Finale
Hello Darkness My Old Friend
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How-to Build Log Andirondack Chairs — Measuring and Drilling Logs

Watch How-to build a log Adirondack Chairs — Measuring and drilling logs by Gary Klifman http://logfurniturehowto.com/news/diy-log-furniture-kits/ of Mountain Time Chairs.

In this video Gary discusses how-to select, pair-up and drill each set of logs needed for his log Adirondack Chairs.

Learn more about Mountain Time Chairs and how-to build your own log furniture at http://logfurniturehowto.com/about/mountain-time-chairs/


TRANSFORMATION VIDEO – http://bit.ly/1R87Jt4

Will announce the HUGE 90 Day Surprise this week along with the 90 Day Transformation Video! 😀

Today’s MORNINGSwithFOUSEY ft. Vitaly: https://youtu.be/Z4CVMJyr1ac


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Daily Food Journal + Becoming Seriously Healthy | VEGAN + VLOG

Join me as I show you the delicious food I eat as a vegan to stay slim and healthy! I keep daily food journals so I can reflect on the highest and lowest points of my quest to veganism, health, and fitness. Hopefully I can portray just how simple it is to start living compassionately and inspire somebody to begin their own journey! If you’re not particularly interested in what I’m eating, then join me for the conversations I’ll be having within these nifty little food vlogs. In subsequent videos, I’ll speak upon topics such as: how to go vegan, how to be vegan on a budget, the benefits of being vegan, etc. If you enjoyed this video and want more, make sure to like, comment, and subscribe to become a member of the kam-fam! We can all live compassionately and change da world together. I hope to hear from you lovely humans! Below you’ll see the various places I can be reached. Don’t be shy!

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Get Moving Fitness Program Intro Vid for ‘Balance Builder’

The Get Moving Fitness Program. getmovingfitnessprogram.com

The Get Moving Fitness Program gently trains you towards your physical goals without the need for extremely intense, high impact exercise regimes. A sure fire method of getting you into great shape and keeping you motivated for the long term.

The Get Moving fitness program is a steady, progressive, gentle approach to training, designed to take the unfit, overweight, elderly and those who have never trained before, and place them on the road to fitness, strength and wellbeing, through lifestyle habitual training rather than short term “6 pack in 60 days” type programs.

Contact Rob on rob@getmovingfitnessprogram.com for more information.

Muscledog.com Presents: Leg Press Machine

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DoodleBytes LLC

Ultimate Home Pre Wedding Workout Plan
VISIT HERE for details == http://fithealthy.xyz/LeanBodyBride2

The Lean Body Bride: Ultimate Home Pre Wedding Workout. What Do I Get With The Lean Body Bride Program?

Wedding Workout Plan Complete 8 Week Home Workout Plan
Take all 40 of these professionally designed, fat torching workouts with you wherever you go. You can do them at the gym or in your own living room. You can use these printable workout logs you can track your progress each week!

Wedding Workout PlanComprehensive Eating Plan
Jump start your eating habits with with the initial detox, and then use the customizable eating plan to map out exactly what you need to be eating to take your results to the next level. Let me show you exactly how to eat delicious foods and be in a fat burning mode 24/7!

Wedding Workout Plan Instructional Videos For Each Workout
You will get instant access to The Lean Body Bride membership site where I have instructional videos to walk you through each and every workout! Not sure of an exercise? Don’t worry, just check out the video before you start!

VISIT HERE for details about Pre Wedding Workout Plan == http://fithealthy.xyz/LeanBodyBride2
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Chest Exercise (UPPER and INNER Pecs with 1 Dumbbell)

Get more chest shredding exercises in the complete program

Guys always seek out chest exercises that allow them to target specific areas of their chest like the upper or inner pecs. Some would argue that it’s not possible to zero in on these areas of the chest or pectoralis muscle. I would agree that you cannot isolate a particularly area, but saying it’s impossible to influence one area over another is simply not true.

In this video, I show you how to influence growth in the upper and inner pecs using a single dumbbell. This chest exercise is one that you can easily do at home since you don’t need a lot of space or equipment to do it.

To perform this upper and inner chest exercise called the crossover shrug, simply grab a dumbbell and stand with it hanging in front of you. Begin by twisting your hand in, so your thumb points towards you, this will internally rotate your shoulder. From here, simultaneously lift the dumbbell up and across your chest as you shrug your shoulder. You should feel an intense squeeze in your pecs as you do this.

Slowly lower the dumbbell and repeat for 10-12 reps, making sure to hold the contraction of the pectorals on every rep. Again, you should see and feel the contribution of the different areas of the chest muscle as you perform this move.

The key to understanding what makes an effective chest exercise is how much of a complete contraction you can achieve by doing it. Wide grip bench presses for example do not involve enough horizontal adduction at the shoulder to make it the best exercise for building your chest (let alone your upper or inner chest).

For a complete workout program that will show you how to develop a complete, ripped muscular chest, be sure to head to http://athleanx.com/x/complete-chest-builder and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. I show you how top pro athletes build a massive chest by training like an athlete and ignoring the typical gym advice that simply isn’t true.

For a sample of this type of complete chest workout, be sure to check out this video listed on youtube – http://youtu.be/qhMBm8r1nWY

For other chest exercise tips and videos as well as nutrition and supplementation videos, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at http://youtube.com/user/jdcav24

Frank Medrano – TRAIN INSANE Calisthenics Workout!!!


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Frank Medrano is a CALISTHENICS BODYWEIGHT expert who MOTIVATES and trains to build and gain muscle , lose fat and challenge your body to obtain strength through simple and more advanced body weight exercises. His goal is to motivate and inspire you through fun , functional workouts.

Frank Medrano Trains at the world famous METROFLEX in Long Beach , Ca

MUSIC Credit – Two Steps From Hell – Strength Of A Thousand Men [Instrumental Core Remix]

Vicky is showing you a great home booty and legs workout to build a rounder and more lifted butt. You’ll also develop sexy athletic thighs.
For the Best Butt Workout visit: http://www.30DayButtTransformation.com

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100k bodyspace transformation challenge week 1


be your best self!

drink plenty of water!
eat good food!
motivation ! dedication!

my vegan life!

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