Best Full Coverage Concealer for Dry Wrinkled Under Eyes! Demo & Review


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The Best Makeup Primer For You (& How to Use!)

Learn about the different kinds of makeup primers and find out which one is best for your skin type and skin concern.

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What is a face primer, why use it and how to apply it (Makeup for Beginners: Makeup 101)

What is a face primer? Why should you use a face primer? How can you apply a face primer? Today’s video is about makeup for beginners!

What is a face primer, why use it and how to apply it (Makeup for Beginners: Makeup 101)
Todays makeup tutorial is all about he basics, makeup 101 or makeup for newbies and beginners. I usually go around and read many forums and ask sites and many people ask me what a face primer is used for. So I thought that it would be a good idea to make a video on the most basic and most important thing before applying your foundation.

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What is a primer, how do you use it and what is it for?


Find Your Perfect Foundation Brush



Makeup for Beginners Makeup 101 Video Tutorial

How to make your lipstick last longer

How to curl your lashes and apply mascara like a PRO MUA

DIY Lip Color

How to fill in your eyebrows like a PRO makeup artist

How to cover ACNE with drugstore makeup

How to apply foundation with a flat brush

How to apply foundation with a stipple brush

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Eyeliner Tutorial 6 Styles – MakeUp Tutorial | Shonagh Scott | ShowMe MakeUp

Eyeliner Tutorial 6 Styles - MakeUp Tutorial | Shonagh Scott | ShowMe MakeUp

I created this Eyeliner Tutorial showing you 6 ways you can wear eyeliner! You can adapt these looks to suit your eye shape.
You can use liquid liner, gel liner, cream liner or even cake liner, it’s completely up to you whichever you prefer.

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Products used;

*Kryolan Cream Liner – Ebony
*Alternative – Bobbi Brown Gel Liner ‘Ink Black’
*Brush – Arte Prolene 101 Series
*Alternative – Crown Brush

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Easy Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Easy to follow Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial. Please SUBSCRIBE to stay updated with future videos.

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Products Used:
– MAC Soft Ocre
– MAC Quite Natural
– MAC Uninterrupted
– MAC Lie Low
– Anastasia Beverly Hills Rich Brown
– Naked 2 Palette Half Baked & Bootycall
– MAC Blacktrack Gel Liner
– Lashes:
– Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara

Microphone: Rode Videomic Pro & Rode SmartLav
Lighting: Stella Ring Light
Camera: Canon 70D
Editing Program: Adobe Premier Pro

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I teach u how to do the perfet cat eye make up today. its relly good so.


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How to Apply Liquid Foundation | Makeup Tips

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One thing I get a lot of questions about is exactly how to apply liquid foundation, so here are some tips on what to do. There are several different ways you can apply a liquid foundation. I have for example, three different brushes here that I use. There’s the regular flat foundation brush that is used for liquids, obviously. You can also use this type of brush for contouring, different things that are a little more specific. You can also use a fluffier brush like this. You want to make sure that they’re synthetic fibers because real hair is a little more coarse, so it’ll soak up the liquids. It’ll glide a little bit better as long as the fibers are synthetic in the brush.

Then I also have a kind of flatter brush which is better for buffing. This one will build coverage a little bit more than something that’s a little more loose like this one. So if you’re looking for fuller coverage you can do something like this.

Then the last option is a sponge, trusty old sponge. I would say in amounts of coverage, you’re looking at most with this one, next with this one, next one down and probably about the least amount of coverage you’d get with a sponge because a sponge soaks up a little bit of the foundation with it.

Today I’ll just show you a quick little way to apply it with a brush, because maybe that’s something new to some people. Sponges are pretty typical. I’m going to use this buffing foundation brush and a little bit of Make Up Forever HD foundation. I love this foundation. It’s great for cameras, it’s great for pictures, film, whatever you’re doing. It looks very flawless on the skin and it can be a range of coverage. You can sheer it out, make it more natural or you can build it up and get it to full coverage. It’s also oil free and good for any skin type.

So, what I’m going to do is just take a little squirt on the back of my hand, you don’t have to do this, you could always squirt some on your fingers, do a few dabs across the main areas of the face and then buff it out. But I like to use my hand as a palette. So I’m going to take a little bit, load the brush like this, make sure it’s evenly into the brush, and I’m going to start by applying it in buffing motions. So I’m just kind of doing it on the jaw line right now.

One of the main areas that people get redness is right through this area in here. So usually when I’m starting from scratch with my make-up, I’ll start in this area and then kind of build outwards with the foundation. But it’s really, really simple. Anyone can do this at home. Applying a little bit, kind of take it onto the forehead. You can buff it. It’s nice because I already have some foundation on, but this is just building the coverage and it still doesn’t look cakey. That’s why I love this foundation. A little more on the tip of the nose where I get a little bit of redness. And that’s how you apply liquid foundation.

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Applying Primer, Concealer & Foundation Makeup Tutorial Younique

Learn how to apply Concealer & Foundation using the BEST MAKEUP on the market. Anti-Aging, insane coverage, flawless finish! You have GOT to get some!!! Visit to order!

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I’m going to talk about some of the benefits of primer. First, I’m going to start by applying it to the middle of the face. Right now, I’m using the Makeup Forever HD. This is actually a blue tinted primer. Basically, the tint of blue is going to brighten her skin tone.

Primers come in a lot of different shades. The blue, like I said, brightens. I also have a green one here which corrects redness. I also have this one which is a deeper, more rich tone and that actually is going to darken any type of foundation that you have, or just give yourself a little more color.

Say, you’re feeling a little dull or sallow. You want a little more color, you want to look a little more tan, but not putting a darker foundation color on your face, you could add a little bit of a darker primer, and there you go.

So, yep, I’m just using my fingers, applying it all throughout the face. This one, specifically, is a water-based primer. There are two main different types, water-based and silicone-based. I like silicone because it really smooths out pores. The main function of a primer is to minimize fine lines and pores, and increase the longevity of your makeup. It really makes a huge difference if you do apply that.

The other kind of primer would be a water-based primer, which I suggest more for oilier skin types, acne prone skin types, just because the silicone can sometimes kind of seep into those pores. You don’t really want that if you’re breaking out or you’re a little bit oilier.

So, we’ve applied the primer to half of the face now. I’m going to continue applying to the other side. Like I said, there are different color-correcting types of primers, but there are also plenty of other primers that you can use.

I also love primers with radiance. If you like that kind of dewy, sun-kissed J.Lo. glow type of look, you can use a primer with radiance. I love the Lauren Mercier one. There are also primers that have skincare properties. I know I have one that corrects dark spots overtime, which is really nice if you have any issues with pigmentation.

So as you see, this primer has just brightened her skin up so that when we put the foundation on top it’s going to look a little brighter and her skin is going to look a little smoother. The next type of primer I want to talk about is actually eye shadow primer. The one that I’m using right now is Urban Decay.

Eye shadow primer is amazing. It really, really increases the longevity of your eye makeup. It increases the pigment so that it looks a little darker. You won’t have to use as much shadow because it really picks up that pigment.

So I’m just kind of, once again, using a finger, applying it all over the lid. You really want to make sure since eye shadow primers are a little bit thicker than the ones for your face that you’re getting it very evenly across the entire lid. This is great for people who have oilier lids and find that they get creasing right here of their shadow.

You use such a tiny amount for both eyes. There are other eye shadow primers, too, as well. I know I have one by Tart, which you can use 360 around the eye on the top lid and also around the bottom. Say, you have concealer that creases as well, you can use it both places. That one, the Tart one also has kind of pearl essence so it brightens the eyes too, which is nice for dark circles under eyes. But these would be my top tips for primers.
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How to Apply Eyeshadow PERFECTLY (beginner friendly hacks)


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Hello my beautiful people!
Today I show you guys how to create 9 different eyeliner looks. The looks range from quite simple to major drama. I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and find it helpful. My personal favorite is the “feline” look. What’s your go-to style?

As always, thank you guys for everything and I hope you all have a beautiful day today!
Remember: You’re beautiful. Always think positive. Things happen for a reason.



Products Used:
Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner in Black
Angled brush came with the gel liner

Prescription Contact Lenses:
Freshlook Colorblends in “Green”

1. Simplicity @ 0:48
2. Classic @ 1:17
3. Double Trouble @ 2:00
4. Basic @ 3:07
5. Drama @ 3:45
6. Smooth @ 4:23
7. Bold @ 5:04
8. Fishy Tail @ 5:54
9. Feline @ 6:43

Background sound from iMovie: “Park Bench”

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How to Apply Mineral Foundation (BareMinerals)

Mineral makeup is perfect for sensitive, acne-prone skin. Here’s my tutorial for how I apply it so it has full coverage but looks just like you have naturally flawless skin!



BareMinerals Original Foundation in Medium Beige

BareMinerals Mineral Veil in Mineral Veil

Real Techniques Powder Brush

Sigma Sigmax P82 Precision Round Brush
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Sephora Pro Precision Powder Brush #59

Benefit Coralista Blush

Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait


earrings – Mejuri

nails – Deborah Lippmann Take The “A” Train

t-shirt – Awkward Animals “let’s go somewhere nice”



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How To Conceal, Brighten Under Eyes & Stop Creasing!

How to cover up those dark circles and prevent your concealer from creasing! Remember to SUBSCRIBE to stay update with future videos!

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Products Used:
– MAC Eye Cream
– LA Girl Concealer Creamy Beige
– Tarte Concealer in Light Sand
– RMK Foundation #103
– Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette
– Rae Morris Shader Brush
– Beauty Blender

Microphone: Rode Videomic Pro, SmartLav
Lighting: Stella Ring Light
Camera: Canon 70D
Editing Program: Adobe Premier Pro
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Airbrush Makeup Tutorial by Tehmina Ahmad Apple Devices HD Best Quality

Airbrush Makeup Tutorial by Tehmina Ahmad Apple Devices HD Best Quality

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Manchester, UK
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Have to ever wanted to try Airbrush Makeup but scared it wouldn’t cover your acne or blemishes? Well this video will be a demo and review of the Luminess Airbrush Makeup System.

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