How to Make Mineral Make up

How to Make Mineral Make up

Mineral Makeup

Making your own mineral makeup is easy, fun and cost effective. You can exactly match your skin tone, adding additional ingredients for coverage or even controlling oily skin.

Mineral Makeup using our Pigment Blends and Mineral Blend is done in no time.

MakingCosmetics is offering a kit as well, that contains everything needed (except the mortar which has to be purchased extra).

MakingCosmetics pigment blends come in 7 different shades to match different skin tones. Some have a yellow undertone and some have a red undertone.

The different blends can be blended further to create a wider variety of shades.

Formulation for yellow or red undertones:

2 Tbsp Mineral Base
1 tsp Pigment Blend of your choice


Add the mineral base to the mortar then add the pigment blend and start grinding the pigments until the color is uniform. Test the color on the skin.

Adjust the color by adding more of the pigment blend to intensify the color or adding more of the mineral blend to dilute the color to make it lighter.

For more coverage add titanium dioxide, this will make the shade lighter as well.

Formulation for dark skin tones:

1-2 Tbsp Earth Brown Pigment Blend
1 tsp Mineral Blend

Mix as above.

Adjust the color if needed. Avoid using a high amount of mineral base as this will add an undesired greyish/white undertone on the skin.

Additional ingredients that can be beneficial to a face powder are:
Colloidal Oatmeal
Green, yellow or red Kaolin Clay
L-Ascorbic Acid

For more information on Mineral Make-up ingredients visit our website at
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