How To Conceal Dark Circles Under Eyes | Mac Daddyy Makeovers

Angel Merino, aka Mac Daddyy, is back talking with another one of our contest winners. Jessica wants to conceal her dark circles under her eyes. Watch as Mac Daddyy hides those circles and makes her eyes pop!

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Sue was binge watching my makeup tutorials and decided to call me on Skype for a live makeup consultation. She wanted to know how to cover dark under eye circles that started turning into under eye bags. She also wanted to know what to do with hooded eyes. She wears tinted glasses most of the time but doesn’t want to look too made up when she takes them off.

I love fans like her! She is fun, smart and a very active member of our community. Let Sue be your role model so pick up you laptop and add me on Skype. My username is: Advise My Style

I would really like to know what you think about The Makeup Doctor series. Is there anything we can do to improve it? I think it is an awesome format from which we can all learn, but if there is anything you would add, write me in the comments.
Video Rating: / 5

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