Homeschooling Resources – Printable Homeschool Planner PDF

This printable homeschool planner PDF allows you to plan or record your daily, weekly and monthly homeschool lessons. I added new forms and made the existing forms better, to make it easier and more convenient for us parents. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Family’s ideal year of learning vision
Yearly at-a-glance calendars
Our curriculum list with star ratings to color or highlight
Student schedules
Monthly planners
Monthly reading log with star ratings to color or highlight
Monthly field trips / enrichment activities log with star ratings to color or highlight
Monthly tally of lessons
Weekly plan/journal
Books to read list
Curriculum/resource wish list
Weekly meal planner
Bloom’s taxonomy of intellectual learning
Learning styles quick reference chart
Replacing damaging with “good-for-your-child’s-self-image’ labels
Words to encourage and uplift
Ideas to keep the joy of learning alive
Art appreciation question list
Year-end review

I hope you will find this planner handy, it’s a very handy homeschooling resource.

Thank you for considering it!
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