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Join me as I show you the delicious food I eat as a vegan to stay slim and healthy! I keep daily food journals so I can reflect on the highest and lowest points of my quest to veganism, health, and fitness. Hopefully I can portray just how simple it is to start living compassionately and inspire somebody to begin their own journey! If you’re not particularly interested in what I’m eating, then join me for the conversations I’ll be having within these nifty little food vlogs. In subsequent videos, I’ll speak upon topics such as: how to go vegan, how to be vegan on a budget, the benefits of being vegan, etc. If you enjoyed this video and want more, make sure to like, comment, and subscribe to become a member of the kam-fam! We can all live compassionately and change da world together. I hope to hear from you lovely humans! Below you’ll see the various places I can be reached. Don’t be shy!

Connect with me! Seriously, I don’t bite:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kim_buckner

Personal- https://www.instagram.com/kim_buckner/?hl=en
Health- https://www.instagram.com/earthlingkam/

Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/dainty–hooligan

Snapchat: @kim_buckner

Business Inquiries: Kim.M.Buckner@gmail.com
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