Kegels Exercises- The Best Pregnancy Yoga Pose to Prepare for Labor and Delivery

Kegels for pregnant women, THE prenatal yoga exercise that helps women during delivery of baby. More videos &SUBSCRIBE

Yoga in Pregnancy helps women tremendously, both physically and emotionally especially if you do Kegels. Deb Flashenberg of the Prenatal Yoga Center in NYC, says pregnant women should do kegels exercises every day.

So what are kegels? They are a yoga pose that strengtens the vaginal and anal sphincter muscles, which makes a huge difference in childbirth when you deliver a baby.

Kegels also key in post pregnancy yoga. Having strong sphincter muscles postpartum helps women stop from peeing in their pants when they sneeze or cough.

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Pregnancy Workouts: Best Arm Exercises

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Watch as Parents shows you the best arm exercises in pregnancy workouts! After doing these arm exercises throughout your pregnancy, you’ll be able to lift your baby with ease once he or she arrives. Begin by doing posture bicep curls using five pound weights. If your arms are fairly strong, use 7 1/2-pound weights. What makes these exercises for pregnant women different is keeping your elbows in close to your ribs and alternate lifting your arms fast and strong. Make sure your posture is not slouchy and your spine is completely stable for 20 to 25 reps. The next exercise for pregnant women is another take on bicep curls, but this time you’re going to bend both up to 90-degree angles before lowering. After ten reps from the bottom up, hold that position. Finish the rep all the way up, then back down. Completing 15 to 20 reps of these arm exercises in your pregnancy workouts will leave you feeling stronger and leaner. Moving on to the back of the arms, single tricep extensions are a great exercise during pregnancy. Putting one weight down, allow your free hand to use the back of a chair as support. Bend your knees and hunch over slightly as your back arm bends into a row. While your arm is there, do a full extension straight then bend back to the beginning position. Finish off 20 to 25 reps to complete this area of focus. Completing these pregnancy exercises two or three times a week will help keep you fit during any trimester!

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