younique for older ladys video

younique for older ladys video

As we get older ladys we need to change the way we look so try some of these tips and try this makeup you will love it.order here
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Wearing a pretty lipstick brings radiance to the whole face. Follow my step by step guide so that you can achieve a really fabulous finished effect. By Tricia Cusden at
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Bridal Makeup for Older Women

Over 45 and getting married? Congrats! Just for you, the older bride, here is a complete makeup tutorial !
Starting with a moisturized face and ending with a wig, here is how I got my own 54 year old bridal wedding “look”.
Being mature does not mean you cannot be a stunning bride!

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When it comes to makeup for older women, is it possible to go too far? Have you become bolder or more cautious with your makeup as you have gotten a little older? Why do you think this is? Visit Sixty and Me:

Dip and Dab on em make up for older women.

This is a tutorial for all the old women who don’t have time to put on all that makeup when we got to go to work.

I do however appreciate those young ladies that do those tutorials, I’ve learned a lot.

However,a lot of times I got 5 minutes to get my ass out the door. Here’s my parody on my makeup application.

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Makeup, Clothes and Hair For Older Women – Pear Shaped

Transform your look by choosing the most flattering makeup, hairstyle and clothes to suit your older face and body. Makeup from and clothes from so

You won’t believe these makeup for older women tips! In this makeup tips video, we go through 6 specific makeup tips you need to know.

Ariane Poole discusses how the rules of makeup application change as we age. In this makeup tutorial, she offers 6 simple tips for bringing our makeup look up to date. She talks about the products and techniques that older women have been using for years and how to improve them. A list of the products is here:

Watch as professional makeup artist Ariane Poole and Margaret Manning explore this topic.

Want to take the next step? Check out our makeup tips video series, designed just for us older women:

Did you enjoy these makeup tips for older women? Do you have any questions for Margaret or Ariane? Please add your thoughts and questions in the comments.
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Makeup for Older Women: How to Apply fabulous Eye Shade

Fabulous Eye Shades are matte which is very flattering on an older eye. This shows how to apply to get the best effect. Available at:
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At Look Fabulous Forever (, we consider ourselves to be one of the best makeup brands for older women. We will show you how to apply makeup, give you makeup tips and showcase a whole range of different makeup looks aimed directly at mature women.

Makeup For Older Women: My Five Top Makeup Tips

At Look Fabulous Forever (, we consider ourselves to be one of the best makeup brands for mature women. We will show you how to apply makeup, give you makeup tips and showcase a whole range of different makeup looks aimed directly for mature ladies.
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Eye Makeup Tips for Older Women – How to Apply Mascara

Many older women say that they couldn’t live without their mascara. Personally, I never leave the house without mine. In fact, the only other item that I use more is my lipstick. What one or two makeup items would you be lost without? Visit Sixty and Me:
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3 Common Eye Makeup Challenges for Older Women - Solved!

When it comes to eye makeup for older women, many of us face the following challenges – dark lids, puffy eyes and heavy bags. In today’s edition of the Sixty and Me Show, professional makeup artist, Ariane Poole, explains how to deal with each of these issues.

If you want to get the most from you eye makeup at any age, this video is for you!

Visit Sixty and Me to learn more:

What is the biggest challenge that you personally face when it comes to eye makeup products and eye makeup application? Please join the conversation!