Adorable Little Kids Doing Makeup!

Makeup Challenge with AllToyCollector Valerie and her twin sister DisneyCarToys Sandra. Sandra and Valerie use a Frozen Elsa makeup set and a cute pink girls make up beauty kit to do makeovers on each other. But they do the makeup makeovers blind folded in this funny challenge. Both times we give a twin princess make-up makeover, they both turn into an epic fail!

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This video features Frozen Makeup and Girls Make Up Set

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Totally Me makeup palette review for kids

Totally Me makeup palette review for kids

Makeup palette review/everydaywithAly
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Want to learn how to create a sugar skull style face-painting design for kids just in time for Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead? Hope you like this tutorial!
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Princess Amber Fairy Tale Ball – Makeup and Dress Up Games for Kids

Makeup and Dress Up Games for Kids

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Blindfolded Makeup challenge By Girls – Kids Reading Comments

Girls have fun doing the blindfolded makeup challenge especially when a YouTube fan comes over for a slumber party is part of the fun challenge. See how they look after working with cosmetics on each other while not being able to see what they are doing. Kids have fun outside playing with the soccer ball and petting a dog. Kids preparing for the fun action packed weekend full of pranks and challenges and swimming. Girls read out comments from our fans.

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Kids have fun having a party right after a little girls loses her very first tooth. See how much fun little kids have when they all get to together for a party and a cookout. Jumping around in the bouncy house and driving cars. Teen girl playing Minecraft with a little boy. Girls do the ten dollar makeup challenge. See the mixed assortment of makeup that has been used that cost 10 dollars. Girl look for Mars in the night sky with the telescope but fail to find where it is. Dad attempts to scare his teen daughter with a spider in an almost legit prank.

See our recent shopping challenge we have challenged Jacy and Kacy from JacyandKacy and MommyandGracieShow and others with.

Check out our funny pranks. Two girls and their dad having fun playing jokes and pranks! See our fun collaborations with kittiesmama and sevensupergirls.
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Spring Makeup Look/Tutorial for Kids by Emma

One of YouTube’s Youngest Makeup Gurus at only 8 years old. Emma shows you a pretty spring look just in time for Easter! Pretty pastels are pretty!

Products Used:
Eyeshadow: Shimmery 88 Palette from
Lipgloss: NYX MegaShine Lip gloss
Mascara: Lots of Lashes by Maybelline



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Orange Glow by Josh Woodward

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Kids Halloween Makeup and Trick or Treating Fun – Prank on Little Girl

Girls have fun with Halloween makeup and costumes. Kids trick or treating during Halloween. Girl and dad pull a Halloween candy prank on a little girl making her think that everyone ate all of her candy based on a fun idea that Jimmy Kimmel come up with. Family fun reality video.

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Pretend Makeup for kids! 100% Mess Free Makeup that’s Just Like Mommy’s!! Just Like Mommy Cosmetics -↓ OPEN FOR MORE INFO ↓

Just Like Mommy Cosmetics:

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Just Like Mommy Cosmetics pretend #makeup is too cute we had to do a video on it!! This may not be my “usual” video but I had so much fun with Shyla that I not only wanted to do a video for HER channel but for mine too! This is 100% pretend makeup that LOOKS REAL but is completely pretend and does not actually transfer any color or product. It’s great for kids because they can use it and pretend they are doing their makeup just like mommy or their older sisters! I love this brand because it looks SO real and it’s so glamorous!!

**Items in order**
Just Like Mommy Cosmetics Pretend Glamour Set:

**Seen On Me**
Lips→ NYX Butter Gloss:
Face→ ELF Flawless Finish:
Concealer→ Hard Candy Glamoflauge:
Hair→ Shampoo:

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Damn Brandey! Back at it again letting the kids wear makeup! LOL!!


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DIY Fake Makeup for Kids | Smalex6

hey guys! hope you enjoyed this video i spent really long working on it. you can make this for your little sister, cousin, friend or even your daughter. it’s way better than spending dollars on a children’s makeup set when you can make one at home! please like and subscribe! till the next video!????
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Rori playing with Barbie applying makeup
Childs play for children and adults

Kids Having Fun With Makeup and Cute Baby – Sneaky Girls

Kids Having Fun With Makeup and Cute Baby - Sneaky Girls

Just another fun family reality VLOG of girls having fun. Kids love makeup and so does a little baby. See what these girls are up to this time.
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Easy Zombie Makeup Tutorial For Kids By Kids – Halloween Shopping – Baby Having Fun – Prank

Easy Zombie Makeup Tutorial For Kids By Kids - Halloween Shopping - Baby Having Fun - Prank

A little girl shows you how to save money and create your own scary zombie face with regular makeup you may already have at home and some flour and water from your kitchen. See how creepy this zombie becomes in a matter of minutes! If you have wheat allergies then don’t use flour. Try rice flour instead if you can eat rice. Check a small portion of your skin before applying any makeup or powders and flours. Our baby sister loves the halloween store and of course she even loves shopping more! Reality family VLOG week 22!

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