My Daily Hair Straightening Routine: Everyday Hair care | SuperPrincessjo

My Daily Hair Straightening Routine: Everyday Hair care | SuperPrincessjo


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Daily Hair straightening routine at home – it is fast and easy way to save money and get straight hair without chemicals . I have long Indian hair which requires a lot of hair care ,I use my hair care tips that i learned from My mom and My Indian Indian Makeup Guru tradition to take care of my hair at home without using much chemicals.





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How to grow long hair faster

How to cut Celebrity Haircut at Home for LONG HAIR

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Indian Long hair DIY How to Cut Hair in Layers

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Japanese Hair straightening/Thermal Reconditioning multiple hair textures before and after

Beyond Appearance Hair By Shenise @ Sassy Salon
Yuba city, California

Artist: Si’Yir Royale
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Japanese Hair Straightening/Thermal Reconditioning on multiple textures of hair before and after.
Hopefully more of your questions on this process will be answered and as you see some of my long time clients and results, any concerns will be addressed as well!! 🙂

Product : Rusk Shiny Str8
Flatiron for processing straightener: Rusk ctc str8
Marcel irons for finishing work:

Recommended products for maintenance: Recommended products for maintenance:
Ovation Cell therapy:
Moisture system
Thermal protectant
cct# 1139 for discount!!!
Healthy Sexy Hair tri wheat leave in. Kemi Oyl. Olaplex bond multiplier. Please note, you don’t use all the above mentioned products at the same time!!Customized cocktail depends on each clients hair needs, but these are the main products I use!! (In depth maintenance video coming soon!!)

Do you have naturally curly, wavy or tightly coiled hair that you ONLY wear straight or straight and then styled curly with a curling iron or other manual curling method?

Are you tired of spending 1-3 hours or more blow drying and flat ironing your hair?

Are you looking for a PERMANENT CHEMICAL straightener that is an alternative to other traditional damaging and drying chemical straighteners such as Relaxers?

If yes, then Thermal Reconditioning A.K.A Japanese Hair Straightening may be for you!!

This is NOT a Keratin smoothing treatment so if you want to just tame frizz, make your hair shiny AND/OR YOU WANT YOUR CURLS BACK IN A MONTH OR TWO then this treatment is NOT for you!! (See my Pravana Perfection smoothout treatment video if that is more your style!!!

If you already have a Sodium Hydroxide relaxer (Lye) or Calcium Hydroxide relaxer (No Lye) this may NOT be for you! (But we may be able to transition you into this in the future!! 🙂

If you want silky, bone straight hair PERMANENTLY until your natural outgrowth comes in (4-6 months, then you would come in for a re-touch) without most of the “issues” of a traditional relaxer, then this may be for you! (When done by a professional knowledgeable in this process on healthy hair)

Please Note: This is a professional PERMANENT CHEMICAL STRAIGHTENING PROCESS (Similar in permanence to a relaxer but using a different main ingredient, different application process and superior immediate and long term results for your hair) intended for licensed cosmetologists who are familiar with working on multiple textures of hair as well as with chemicals that PERMANENTLY alter the internal structure of hair! Please don’t try this at home and please seek the above when looking for a stylist to potentially do this for you! Although I truly honor, advocate and personally wear natural hair, I see no problem in any womans choice to do what she wants with her own hair and body!! The “black on black hair war” helps no one and needs to stop!! I’m sure we can find a better way to uplift eachother besides bashing one another for our personal hair choices!! If you do decide to go permanent, in most cases, this is the way to go!! feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments!! I will do my best to answer them all!
Over 15 years professional and licensed experience!
Thank you!!
Your Beyond Appearance Hair Care Specialist

Anyone trying to contact me can either Facebook friend and message me, Leave a message here or email me at (tho I don’t check that email often so give me a heads up) Had to remove my cell phone number because of a crazy stalker guy!! Sorry!! Only takes one lol!!!

Keratin Hair Straightening

Liquid Keratin
– 3 month permanent straightening and hair smoothing treatment
– Penetrates hair to enhance strength and elasticity and revitalizes dry, damage, frizzy and hard to manage hair
– Enhances shine and luster and reduces volume for vibrant, healthy hair
– Formaldehyde Free, Aldehyde Free, Urea Free, Thio Free, Sodium Hydroxide Free and Guanidine Free
La Vita Salon & Spa Inc.
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DIY _ Daily Hair Straightening Routine _ At Home | superwowstyle

A new DIY for Daily Hair Straightening Routine – for hair straightening at home!


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In this video, I will show you a very easy way to get sleek straight and shiny hair with a gloss that will make heads turn. Kind of like an updated routine of my previous hair straightening video, this one however, can be used daily.

You will need:

1. Aloe vera
2. Flax Seed
3. Hair conditioning leave in serum (optional)

Mix them as shown in the video and apply sometimes, or everyday for results!

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Prachi (Super Wow Style)

** All products purchased by my own money. This video was not sponsored, there is no endorsement here (paid or otherwise). I have only made this video to enlighten my viewers and not sell any brand.

How to Curl Your Hair With a Straightening Iron/Straightener

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Japanese Hair Straightening @ salon Trendz – Chicago area salon. For more info or to book your appointment, call us 708-671-1333. Or follow salon Trendz on social media

We are certified Japanese Hair Straightening (Thermal Reconditioning & Rebonding) of innosys Japanese Straightening and in the Keratin Smoothing. iStraight System is a Permanent Straightening for all types of hair to turn kinky, stubborn, unmanageable, wavy, into frizz-free healthy hair using the innosys iStraight System. Need bone straight, shiny, silky, beautiful hair, give us a call.
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Fast Brush Hair Straightener | Curly Hair Review | lovekenziie

Fast Brush Hair Straightener | Curly Hair Review | lovekenziie


Hey guys, I’m finally reviewing a Fast Hair Straightener for you curly girls! Let me know in the comment section what you think!

Kenziie ❤

I am reviewing one of the MANY hair brush straighteners out there. Take notice that this is only my review of this particular hair brush straightener. If you are looking for higher quality ones they are available out there. Do your research! You pay for what you get 🙂


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*All the brush straighteners I found on were – & all with about three out of five stars

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Print natural tips for hair straightening in Hindi @ . Watch natural tips for hair straightening in
English @ .

Watch 3 natural tips for hair straightening in Hindi by Sonia Goyal. बालों को प्राकृतिक रूप से स्ट्रेट करने के टिप्स हिन्दी

में देखिये.

The trend of straight hair has rewritten the stylebook. Hair straightening products are very much

in demand. But the chemicals which are mostly used to make your hair flat and sleek, leave their

impact on the health of your hair. Hence, natural hair straightening products have become the new


There are many such products presented in our kitchen, regular use of those products make our hair

smoother, softer and straighter. Look at a 3 effective natural tips in this youtube tutorial which

will help you in straightening hair at home.

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How to do Hair Straightening At Home – by our Hair Expert

Straight hair looks classy & oh-so chic! Bring in the heat without any damage as BeBeautiful Hair Expert Nisha Sablok shells out tips for hair straightening at home. So add oomph to your look with straight hair & flaunt shiny, straight hair. For more customized tips, create your beauty profile on

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I have really curly hair and decided to try the simply straight brush that I keep seeing everywhere. What do you think of it?

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Homemade Hair Straightening Gel

Homemade hair straightening gel is a natural and easy way to get your hair straightened without the use of chemical straighteners and heat.

This hair straightening does wonder to your hair.It not only straightens your hair but also refresh dryness, damaged hair, deep nourishes hair follicles and smooths rough cuticles thus making your naturally silky, smooth and straight.Using this hair straightening gel over a month results in naturally straight hair.

For more information

Website :

Facebook –
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EEK! this time its permenant…

Hope you enjoy!

The Product:

INSTAGRAM: milochurchill_

Use Code AMBMILO for a free deluxe mini kit with your first order.


MUSIC: By the brother Sam Ellis – SAMSONPRODUCTIONS

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Home Remedy for Hair Straightening

Home Remedy for Straight Hair – Straighten Hair Naturally.

Straighten Hair with Aloe Vera │ Natural Hair Straightening Gel at Home w/ Results │Hair Hack!!

I will be showing you how I straighten my hair using Aloe Vera! The end results are amazing, your hair ends up looking shiny, healthy, fuller, and softer very time. I’ve also noticed my hair’s overall health change after using this more often. I don’t use any heat protectant because the aloe vera gel acts as the heat protectant between my hair and the straightener. And because it stays on the hair all day, it repairs the damaged hair, restores it back to a healthier state, provides so many beneficial nutrients, and leaves NO oily residue at all. It also lengthens the amount of time that the hair stays straight. By using this more and more, I’ve seen a difference in the texture, the softness, the silkiness, and the health of my hair! I’ve stopped using store bought heat protectant sprays, serums, and conditioners completely. This is basically an all natural DIY homemade hair straightening gel!

How I Get Thick Hair :
10 Beauty Benefits of Aloe Vera :
How to Apply Almond Oil for Fast Hair Growth :
How I Cut My Hair at Home :

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Mikasa Makeup Brushes and Beauty Blenders – (use code: ILOVE15 to get 15% OFF!!)


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