10-Minute Cardio Aerobic Exercise Workout at Home — Burn Fat & Calories & Lose Weight

I take you through an excellent 10-minute aerobic cardio workout that you can do right in your own home any time it is convenient. I recommend you do this every day if you are trying to lose weight or even just to reduce stress. Doing regular cardio exercise is so important for a healthy heart, and overall fitness of your body. Cardiovascular exercise is any type of exercise that increases the work of the heart and lungs which is what you will do in this video. My routine is comprised of 5 different energizing cardio exercises that will get your heart pumping and you burning calories. I do the exercises right along with you so you can see proper form with your arms, legs and feet, and stay motivated. I will go through the five exercises 3 times for a total of 10 minutes. Want more cardio workout exercise; simply replay the tape and you will now have a 20 minute workout. Replay it again and you have a 30 minute workout! That’s quite a challenge!!! Put your own favorite music on while you are exercising along with me for even more fun. Please remember to subscribe because I have so much more to come; something helpful and of interest to everyone. Thanks so much for viewing!

Why not work out your arms after this video. You want to have toned defined shapely arms. Don’t worry, you won’t look like a body builder. I have been using weights to tone my arms for years. Please check out my step by step video for a terrific arm and upper body workout: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmZ09z6Ov_g&list=PL732EB45A1922BEA3&index=4

After doing your cardio work, you should work out your abdominal muscles. I have many great ab workout videos so please check them out. Here is one I think you will enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAxwgBIbO2Q&list=PLFD0A271F52C872EE&index=4


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Step Aerobics Basic w/3 Combos-Fitness Cardio Workout — JENNY FORD

Here’s a great step workout, a favorite of many of my participants. Please subscribe to my channel. Thanks for your support!

You can download this workout for .95 here: http://jennyforddownloads.com/downloads/step-aerobic-basic-w3-combos/

Enjoyed this workout? Try this one next: https://youtu.be/y2gBj9VZBQ0?list=PLKqmyEQUnlMYn6xAwB4p0TRtRMp1jlYzm

Level: Basic

Description: Basic step warm-up and stretch followed by 3 great combos. 1st and 2nd combos are super fun. 3rd combo is simple and athletic. After learning all 3, we’ll put them together back to back, then a quick cool-down and stretch.

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Aerobics for weight loss fast–Low impact Cardio and Sculpt Workout–30 minutes–

Try this 30 minute low impact cardio/aerobics/ body sculpting exercise workout routine that is sure to shred body fat and help you on your weight loss journey. Thebeachbodymom teaches low impact, joint friendly, basic , simple and easy to follow cardio and strength training workout routines that are sure to please and leave you energized. The low impact aerobics workout are so easy to follow and are so much fun. Your body will feel energized and the workout will keep you motivated every time you press PLAY. This workout is great for the beginner to intermediate participant.
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Hot Workout // Aerobic Hits 2015 Session (135 BPM) // WMTV

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://itunes.apple.com/album/aerobic-hits-2015-non-stop/id965249658
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Workout Music for Step, Running, Aerobic Exercise, Yoga, Pilates, Cycling, Training, Aqua Fitness and many more!!!

01. THE DAYS (originally performed by AVICII)
02. ANACONDA (originally performed by NICKI MINAJ)
03. GERONIMO (originally performed by SHEPPARD)
04. DELIRIOUS (originally performed by STEVE AOKI)
05. REAL LOVE (originally performed by CLEAN BANDIT FEAT. JESS GLYNN)
06. THINK ABOUT THE WAY (originally performed by ICE MC)
07. OUTSIDE (originally performed by CALVIN HARRIS FEAT. ELLIE GOULDING)
08. U SURE DO (originally performed by E-PARTMENT)
09. BREAK THE RULES (originally performed by CHARLI XCX)
10. RADIATE (originally performed by SCOOTER)
11. LIPS ARE MOVIN (originally performed by MEGHAN TRAINOR)
12. THIS IS NIGHTLIFE (originally performed by ITALO BROTHERS)
13. BLACK WIDOW (originally performed by IGGY AZALEA)
14. BAILANDO (originally performed by ENRIQUE IGLESIAS)
15. SHAKE IT OFF (originally performed by TAYLOR SWIFT)

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