#4【Lourence Ilagan VS Adrian Gray】THE WORLD 2015 -FEATURED MATCH 2 –

#4【Lourence Ilagan VS Adrian Gray】THE WORLD 2015 -FEATURED MATCH 2 -

The 5th LEG is the must-see! Both players threw 9 marks in the cricket game!
This is the must-see STAGE 2 match of “THE WORLD SOFT DARTS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2015”, the tournament circuit to name the world’s best soft tip darts player.
第5局雙方以9 MARK互搏形成拉鋸戰,相當精彩!
請勿錯過這場決定世界最強鏢手的國際巡迴賽「THE WORLD SOFT DARTS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2015」STAGE 2的吸睛賽事!

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