2016 Hair Color Trends for Short Hair

Short hairs are in trend, so everyone is opting short hair styles. Due to this short hairstyles are becoming common and the dreams of girls to look unique is getting destroyed. There are very few short hairstyles in trend so the chance to get a unique look are very rare. But you can try some different colors on your short hair to make them look unique as well as trendy. Here are images of hair color trends for short hair that you can try in 2013.
1. If you have bob hairstyle, you can try some dark hair colors on them. Dark red will look best on short bob hairstyle and will define the hairstyle beauty.

2. Women with fairer complexion and blonde hair can try the pink highlights on their short hair style. They will look beautiful and trendy.

3. Red color will look adorable on pixie hairstyles. Together they make a great combination.

4. Purple hair color is best for the girls and women who own asymmetrical haircut and wants to adopt the emo style.

5. Ombre makes a great combination with dark colored hair. You can try ombre hair color on the tips of your hair to get the unique and stunning look.

6. Pastel pink hair color looks adorable on a short pixie haircut. It enhances the beauty of the pixie hairstyle making you look outstanding.

7. Golden hair color will make your short bob hairstyle look different and glamorous.

8. Two-tone hair colors also give your hair a unique look. But while trying this hair color make sure to select hair colors that compliment each other.

9. Red and black makes a great contrast. You can try them on your pixie hairstyle. They will make you look glamorous and sexy.

10. Girls and women who wish to have a funky look can try multicolored hair. They will get the unique look in their hairstyle.
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